Meet Chuck Bartels


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Welcome and Thank You for taking time to learn more about my candidacy. 

I am Charles “Chuck” Bartels, candidate for Lake County Board, District 10. We have prepared this website for you to determine why I am most qualified to continue my record of service to residents across Lake County.  I hope to earn your support and look forward to answering your questions and concerns.

I have a Vision for Lake County’s future and I am passionate about the role that Lake County government can play to keep Lake County vibrant with more good jobs, better transportation, lower total cost of government and preservation of our natural beauty so that we continue our high quality of life for generations to come.

For over 40 years, I have been working to make Lake County a better place for all of us as a leader in business, bi-partisan organizations, public/private initiatives, and charitiesI know how to get the right things done with knowledge and experience developed while serving as chairman, co-founder and spokesman for county-wide organizations including:

  • Lake County Partners for Economic Development
  • Lake County Transportation Alliance
  • College of Lake County Foundation
  • Lake County Republican Federation
  • United Way of Lake County
  • Lake County Learns
  • Lake County’s Strategic Consensus Plan
  • Lake County Project Self Sufficiency

I have also served on the regional board of Catholic Charities, as co-chair of Carmel Catholic High School’s Carmel 2000 Capital Campaign and the boards of Lake County Education to Careers/Labor Availability, University Center of Lake County site search committee, Provena/St. Therese Hospital Medical Center and a number of business and professional associations.

With my unique business background including local, regional and global experience, I understand the importance of applying  financial best practices.  In 2013, I retired as head of Global Social Responsibility for ManpowerGroup, a Fortune 150 company. I was previously the CEO of Manpower’s Northeastern IL franchise, then the 9th largest employer in our area (Business Journal).

A life-long learner, I started as a Physics teacher and wrestling coach before investing in Lake County by moving here and growing a successful business.  I earned my Master’s degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign in 2008.

I have been a resident of Lake County for 41 years.  My wife, Teresa Hall Bartels, and I have lived in the 10th District for 26 years.  We have 5 grown sons and 9 wonderful grandchildren.